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Whether you are already marketing on Pinterest or just getting started, we've got the information to help you build!

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Pinterest is a great resource for driving traffic back to your site or your product listings.  For some, it's enough just to have a pin back to their page for the SEO (search engine optimization) value.

For those of you bold enough to tap into the Pinterest environment and build a presence, this course will walk you through ALL of the steps and "secrets" to get your account running and get your pins in front of your audience.

Here's a graph of just one of my (Kim's) accounts that I have built up recently:

As of May 12, 2019, I have over 70,000 monthly views on this account.  What could you do if your pins had 70,000 monthly views?  Perhaps you could drive enough people to your products to make a sale if you are in e-commerce?  Maybe you are in lead generation - could 70,000 monthly views of your pins help you generate leads?  Well, the answer is - ABSOLUTELY! (Though, we must say there are no guarantees in this).

You need to know the strategy, the steps, and make sure you avoid mistakes that could get your account shut down.  In this course, we walk you through everything from the account setup, the ins-and-outs of getting followers, and the different types of pins.

Then, for those of you that want to create the ultimate reach, we cover the tools and strategies you need to make that happen.  Here's an outline of the course:

  • How Pinterest Works
  • Pinterest For Business
  • How to Get Pinterest Traffic
  • Pinterest Keyword Research
  • Setting Up Your Pinterest Account
  • Pinterest Boards & Pins
  • How To Get Followers
  • Saving Pins From External Sites
  • Vertical Video Pins
  • Multiply Your Efforts
  • Pinterest Monetization Methods (I saw someone selling a course that just covered this topic and it was $997)

Right now, the Marketing With Pinterest course is included FREE when you sign up for our Silver Membership Level.  Since we KNOW there are others that sell only parts of this course for several hundred to a thousand dollars...we recommend you claim your free membership now.  When this account gets to 1 million views monthly, we'll close down the free access and charge for this course.

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